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5 employees or 50. We have solutions that fit all of your small business gifting needs,
At GiftCertificates.com™ we understand that large business solutions don’t always fit your small business budget. Regardless of your size, you should to be able to reward and incent your employees with a product that is useful and customizable to fit your business’ needs. That’s where the SuperCertificate GIFT comes in. Being the original GIFT of choice, the SuperCertificate GIFT is the perfect fit for needs and budgets of any size.

Why choose the SuperCertificate® GIFT?
  • It’s redeemable for gift cards from hundreds of top brands
  • It’s flexible and easy to order
  • You choose the amount so it fits into any budget
  • You can deliver it via mail or email
  • It can be personalized with the recipient’s name and your own personal message
  • Its suitable for diverse audiences
  • It never expires!


Choose From 3 Great Options
Original SuperCertificate®e-SuperCertificate®SuperCertificate® Greeting Card
How it Works
A SuperCertificate® GIFT can be redeemed online at GiftCertificates.com for individual gift cards from hundreds of popular stores, airlines, hotels, theaters, restaurants and more.
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You give a SuperCertificate® GIFT which contains a unique number.

Your recipient then visits GiftCertificates.com and enters that unique SuperCertificate® number to redeem their GIFT.


Your recipient then chooses the gift cards they want from hundreds of their favorite brands.

They can redeem the entire SuperCertificate amount for one gift card or split it across multiple brands.


Your recipent will receive their gift cards by mail or email, depending on merchant participation.

Once the gift cards are received, they can simply go shopping and enjoy!

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Merchant Gift Cards

We have spent 16 years building relationships with the top retailers out there so we can offer hundreds of gift card choices to our customers. We are always working to bring on new Merchants and more emailable options to you.

Merchant gift cards can be purchased by themselves or through the redemption of our SuperCertificate. Some of the great brands we offer: Macy’s, TJX, Outback, Cabela’s, Staples, Panera, Applebees, Sears.

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