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American Express® Gift Cheques

About American Express Gift Cheques:

Instead of just one place, AE Gift Cheques are good all over the place!  On vacation and in every day life, American Express Gift Cheques are highly welcomed - no matter the occasion.  They can be used in restaurants, clothing boutiques, movie theatres, day spas, and more. 

AE Gift Cheques provide security for your loved ones.  Whether your loved one is traveling in the next state or traveling abroad; rest assured they'll be in good hands.  AE Gift Cheques are perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduation and any kind of holiday. They're accepted virtually everywhere, and anywhere you want to be.

Things To Know:

  • Gift Cheques are available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. Each Gift Cheque comes elegantly packaged in a gold envelope including a gift cheque.
  • SuperCertificates® and promotions cannot be redeemed for American Express Gift Cheques.
  • Customers may purchase up to $1,000 in American Express® Gift Cheques per order and within a 7 day period, and up to $3,000 within a 30 day period.
  • IMPORTANT: Special service fees apply for orders that include American Express® Gift Cheques.
  • Orders of $100.00 or less in American Express® Gift Cheques: $12.95 plus $2.75/cheque plus applicable shipping charges
  • Orders of $100.01 or more in American Express® Gift Cheques: 12% plus $2.75/cheque plus applicable shipping charges
  • American Express® Gift Cheques are sent by U.S. Mail or Fed Ex 2nd Day in a classic bond envelope. For security reasons, FedEx Priority Overnight delivery is not available for orders of American Express® Gift Cheques.

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